Maven. The Definitive Guide

by Piotr Likus on November 5, 2015
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Maven. The Definitive Guide

November 5, 2015
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“Maven. The Definitive Guide” is a comprehensive, easy to read guide for all developers searching for book describing most popular tools for build automation – Maven. Inside the book you will find real-life examples of Maven usage with code examples for Java (sample classes to be built), XML (web.xml, hibernate) & POM files (build configuration files).
The book is written by Maven author (Jason Van Zyl) in cooperation with his team (Sonatype), so you cannot find better source of information.
It is also available in on-line, electronic version – see Resources below.
Organization of book is not clean, it’s a mixture of tutorial and a reference book, so you can have problems finding selected information about particular configuration part.
Probably this was the reason book has been split into two parts in more recent version (“Maven By Example” and “Maven: The Complete Reference”).
In this version I recommend reading the book from start till the end because it will be hard to find pages you can skip (except maybe “Site Generation” chapter – on how to use “mvn site”).

What You Will Learn

  • how to build on-line service client application
  • how to build JEE application using open source API implementation from Apache Geronimo
  • how to configure Hibernate to be used inside your application
  • how to define versions of dependencies in one place
  • how to generate dependency tree document
  • how to prepare the simplest POM file
  • what is effective POM
  • how to optimize dependencies using pom as a packaging type
  • how to inject values from property file inside XML configuration
  • how to filter resources files to be included in output
  • how to unit test your application using Maven
  • how to ignore failed tests in build process
  • how to define and use build profiles
  • how to hide sensitive data required by build process inside settings files
  • how to configure and use repository manager (Nexus)
  • how to generate static project documentation site using Maven
  • how to integrate Maven with Eclipse
  • how to write new Maven plugins


Read if you need a printed version, otherwise use electronic, more recent versions.


There is a on-line, old version of this book in PDF format available, but currently, in new release, this book has been split into two parts:


* lots of examples
* very detailed book


* not well organized

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Rather a tutorial than a reference book, however very detailed.

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