JBoss at Work: A Practical Guide

by Piotr Likus on October 5, 2015
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JBoss at Work: A Practical Guide

October 5, 2015
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Tom Marrs, Scott Davis


O'Reilly Media


978-0-596-00734-8, 0-596-00734-5



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“JBoss at Work” is a book describing most important concepts in JEE world using JBoss-related concepts. It’s not only about JBoss. In fact I’ve used it’s examples with Websphere application server. Book is not too long, but examples reader can find inside are practical, short and present only what needs to be presented.

Stack used in the book is of course outdated (2005):

  • XDoclet (instead of annotations)
  • Ant
  • Hibernate 3
  • EJB 2.1
  • JBoss 4.0.2
  • J2SE 1.4.2

but in the same time I found this book useful because of practical examples with iterative changes. It can be helpful even today for people who want to learn JEE environment fast, from a single book.

Book is well organized with clean topic separation and screenshots included.

What You Will Learn

  • what is service locator and how to use it
  • how to execute SQL inside Ant task
  • how to use Hibernate
  • how to implement EJB service locator
  • what is EJB stateless session bean and DTO
  • how to implement initialization servlet
  • how to configure Log4J to be used with JBoss
  • how to use other JEE technologies: JMS, JavaMail, Web Services, JAAS
  • how to organize Ant build for JEE project

* practical code examples
* easy to understand content
* examples related to each other
* screenshots included, but not too many


* outdated technologies (EJB 2.1, etc.)

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Till now best introductory JEE book I read. Short book but condensed knowledge and easy to undersand code examples.

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