Jakarta Struts Cookbook

by Piotr Likus on October 5, 2015
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Jakarta Struts Cookbook

October 5, 2015
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Bill Siggelkow


O'Reilly Media


978-0-596-00771-3, 0-596-00771-X



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“Jakarta Struts Cookbook” describes now-outdated technology – Struts 1.2. Why should somebody even care about this book today? On Internet you can find a lot of examples for Struts framework, but usually you will find examples for Struts 2.x. So if you need still to work with Struts 1.x – this book can be helpful.

The book is organized in form of “cookbook” so don’t expect all informations from the beginner to expert. Rather you will find thorough explanation of selected topics related to Struts. Good news: the book author just mentions (now outdated) XDoclet but uses XML configuration inside the book so it’s easier to use code examples with today’s technologies. Code examples well presented: they include all critical parts of Java, XML and JSP code. There are also some screenshots included but not too many – just enough to present important concepts.

What You Will Learn

  • basics of Struts: dynamic forms, actions, validation
  • how to define global error handling page for JSP, servlet and Struts exceptions
  • how to integrate Hibernate with Struts using servblet filter
  • how to implement Service Factory pattern
  • why you should define & use base action
  • how to implement “Remember me” feature
  • how to limit upload size
  • how to implement own Struts plugin for application initialization
  • how to implement I18N
  • how to test Struts application using StrutsTestCase, Cactus, HttpUnit and JWebUnit

* well organized
* thorough presentation of selected topics
* all critical parts of code included


* does not include complete Struts reference material

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This book will work for you if read as a second Struts-related book or if you have already some experience with Struts. It's not a complete introduction to Struts, but well-organized collection of selected topics with easy-to-read examples.

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